Life beyond excuses

Excuses?!?! Is that a question or a statement? When I was young that statement used to be “There are no excuses!” then it slowly became “Why am I making so many excuses?”

In my youth I was a competitive athlete and as a child there wasn’t a tree I couldn’t climb or a bike that was too fast to ride. But the older I became the slower I got and the more fearful of goals I became. I got married, busy working, 3 kids and all that entails. I found myself living through their dreams, goal and accomplishments while all the time I was losing myself and my own dreams, goals and accomplishments.

I searched and tried different workouts that fell into my busy schedule…regular gym, tennis, kick boxing…the list goes on and on… Then a friend named Sandi Baker was constantly posting on Facebook about her new found love of workout. A new type of workout that was 45 minutes and could kick your butt. It is called Pure Form PFT Training. To be honest her posted started annoying me, which was good because it brought to the surface own my feelings of failure and disappointment in myself. Reading about her accomplishments and excitement was just what I needed to get off my “excuse sofa” and get to work on my physical self. So I finally called her and asked her what this new miracle thing was that she had embarked on. She explained it and off I went to try it out with her. I eventually shared it with my friend Kelly Jacobson and she tried it out as well.

In that gym they had a big Spartan obstacle-racing banner. Kelly and I would see it every work out. I had heard of these type of races like Tough Mudder, Muller and other mud races.We would listen to those at the workout that ran the races and hear about their training and race day stories. Then she said it….Kelly says “Hey Trace, for my 45th birthday lets run the Spartan Race!” I laughed at her and said, “What are you crazy? We laugh at those people flipping tires. We’re not one of them!” That’s when the rubber met the road for me. In my youth I would have been the first to sign up. What had happened to the ‘ME’ I remember?  It took a couple days of talking to myself and praying about what I was really feeling. Kelly continued asking and encouraging.   Then I said to myself…”What would I tell my kids to do in this same situation?” If they were saying ‘no’ to something that I knew they could accomplish, the question I would then ask them was “WHY?” If the answer was nothing but excuses I would encourage them to identify any FEAR that they may be having about the unknown. 4 little letters ..F.E.A.R..that made me really evaluate my life and see if what I said lined up with what I encouraged and expected of my kids…”Don’t ever let fear hold you back. If you really want to do something…Pray, Train, get mentally focused, physically prepared and DO IT!…NO FEAR! But could I do this? What if I am too busy to train? What if my knee gives out (I’ve had 2 knee surgeries), What if I couldn’t finish? I may look like a fool? On and on my mind speed…but the one thing I kept thinking is that I wanted to be positive, healthy and fearless role model of a mother for my kids. I wanted them to be proud of me and say “wow, that’s my mom!” So through much prayer to get over my fears I said ‘Yes’ to Kelly and we got signed up. My middle son, Jake who was 15 at the time also signed up and trained with us. He overcame his fears as well and actually placed so well that our Trainer, Joel Flynn asked him to be apart of his Elite team for future races. My husband, mother Judy, my oldest son Chad and my daughter Taylor were there the day of the race. When we came through the finish line they were holding homemade banners saying “Congratulations MOM! We are so Proud of you.” My family saw me off at the Start gate and saw me come through the finish line with tears in my eyes that I had done it! Kelly and I from start to finish, encouraging each other the entire race.

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