Mixing it up at ATT Spartan

 – By Sofia Demski | OWP Team

photo-1The AT&T Spartan Race was something I wanted to do the minute I learned about it.  Being a golfer and avid crossfitter, this was definitely mixing it up a little.  In order to prepare for the race, I had to make some major changes when it came to my daily routine.  I’m very disciplined with my workouts and eating, but I really stepped it up a few weeks before the race.

Two weeks before the race, I was very strict with my diet cutting out all the processed foods and increasing my protein and water intake.  I worked out six days a week and my workouts were a combination of CrossFit at my local box and my own strength and conditioning workouts at the gym.  This helped a lot because I felt very energetic from my healthy eating, and my endurance improved from so much working out. The morning of the race, I ate a Paleo chocolate muffin and a rice cake, as well as chocolate flavored Zico Water.  This fueled me for the race and I felt very hydrated.  My time was 01:01:59 and I came in second place in my age group.  I was very happy considering this was my first race.

What made my experience so great was my comfort level. I put a lot of thought into my gear as I knew this would contribute to my success.  I wore Nike Pro Capris, Reebok CrossFit Nano 3’s, a compression tank, half-finger gloves, and compression socks all from WarriorPak. This gear was made for the type of obstacles I knew the Spartan race included and protecting my hands is crucial to my golf game.  I would have never made it through the race without those gloves and socks! My hands suffered no blisters or scrapes and my legs were free from chafing from the rope climb.  I am so excited to do more Spartan races because my first experience was so great ~ I could not have achieved what I did without my discipline, determination, and my WarriorPak gear!

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