Are You Laced Up?

lacespicsYou have reviewed, researched, and looked for the perfect deal. Asked friends and professionals which shoes will work for you is Nanos, All terrains, trail runners, and cross trainers. Bottom line is the shoes you wear are only half of the equation. Did you know that how you lace up your shoes matter?

We open the box and our shoes are pre laced crossed over each other showing us the standard X. I’ll show you how to lace up for your foot type.

I have two different feet just like every other individual, as much as I would like to have them symmetrical they are not. But that doesn’t mean I have to have 2 different shoes I simply need to lace each one up for the comfort and per the differences in how each foot moves.

Do you have High Arches? Configure your laces like so to relieve the pressure of the shoe from the arches of your feet.

No more need for extra expensive arch supports. Most quality shoes have them already included. Give this a try before your next insert supports purchase.


Do you have Blisters from running? Most shoes have a firm rigid heel.

Use this simple double loop to attach the heel tightly to the foot without havin to tighten the entire shoe.

Add a double loop at the top of your shoe *use the extra hole in the show at the top. That’s what it is there for.

And tie normally.


Are you finding that the shoes you wear are too narrow? Maybe you have a wide forefoot.

Open up the base of the laces where the shoe laces start. This will lead to being able to tighten the show to be released around the ball of the foot and even if you have bunions.

Finish off with the normal criss cross and your golden.

To you get ripped toenails from running? How about ingrowns?

Look closely how one lace angles through the laces from the otherside. This is a huge technique to pull the shoe close on the outside of the foot rather than pull straight through from the basically the longest limb on your foot.


Every time you lace up you feel cramping in the entire foot? Perhaps your shoes feel too tight.

Awhile back this was referred to as “Power Lacing” and rightfully so. If the shoes feel too tight you lose out on your power output. So lace up like this to open up the shoes width while binding it around the entire the foot. The relief youll get will be phenomal.

Every person and every foot on each person is different you can have similar or different lacing per foot. Try one try them all but find the one that fits your foot the best.

“Ill see you along the course.”


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