Day 1: A Week In The Life Of A World Champ. OCR & Ultra Marathon Training For Spartan Ultra Beast World Championships

“I am all the way up.” -Fat Joe

Hello and welcome to the LIVE BLOG of John Hirsch! For the next week I will be giving you some behind the scenes insight on what it’s like to train full time as a world champion. This week is the final big week of training before my taper for the ultra beast world championships. But it’s not the first. As you can see from the prior post I did a big week before it and I even managed a second big week like that one as well. The first thing I always tell people when making a training plan is to make sure you are passionate about training. For me I gave myself a mental and spiritual boost by coming to the mountains of Vermont for a week. Simply getting away from life, stress, and being able to focus 100 percent of my energy on training makes it possible to get to that next level.

Today was a “fun” run. 2 and a half hours of super tricky trails with super technical footing to work on agility and stabilizers. Running on road doesn’t make you work the lateral movement and that can really make you give out as OCR races get late. But I also want to keep it real so I ran up Haystack Mountain. Ski resorts are insanely steep and brutal and awful and terrible; obviously why so many races are held on them! But the views from the top are worth the effort and you really get comfortable with the work required the more you train on mountains. Its great to do so before a race at a ski resort.

This afternoon is a second easy run and a lot of PT and isolated strength work. I met with the sports medicine scientists at Physio Lab in NYC who work with a lot of elite athletes and they noticed my glute muscle doesn’t engage enough when running so we are working some exercises to get that to fire a bit more. People see sports medicine as a tool when they get injuries but the right team can also help you get stronger and faster.

Obviously I dig the kit with gloves and arm warmers on a cold Vermont morning!

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