Day 2: Of OCR & Ultra Marathon Training For Spartan Ultra Beast World Championships

“The only reason I am hear is to wreck havoc.” -Suicide Squad sound track

I was thinking about the Spartan 300 today, and the famous quote that the Spartan King said to the Persian King when asked to lay down his arms: “molan labe” which means “comes and take them” in Ancient Greek. I feel that way about my masters world title. I do not plan on giving this up without a fight. And that fight isn’t on race day it starts with every workout.

Today is the storm before the storm. An easier 5 mile run (easier after 15 yesterday) though they don’t make easy here in Vermont so I settled for pretty to look at, but hard. Then 90 minutes of Spartan focused strength training. I generally do strength stuff that’s standard functional movement, as I find doing the strength obstacles a bit risky with injury because it puts strain on the body in weird ways. Simply put we weren’t really designed to run with heavy weight on a single shoulder; or to carry a wicked heavy bucket up a hill. So I like to strengthen a lot of those same muscle groups in more normal strength work in the gym. Except right before races when I want to apply a bit more obstacle simulation. So today’s workout had rings, rope climbs, monkey bars, and then supporting work like pull ups, push up, leg lifts, side extensions, kettle bell-good -mornings, farmer carries and bent over row. I am not doing legs today, which I would otherwise do, because the next two days are back to back 25 milers and I want to feel good for both, to make sure I finish, and to mentally feel like I am attacking the mountains not simply getting my butt kicked by them.

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