Day 5Of OCR & Ultra Marathon Training For Spartan Ultra Beast World Championships

“Life in the circus ain’t easy. But the folks on the outside don’t know. The tent goes up and the tent comes down And all that they see is the show..welcome to the freakshow.” Ani Difranco

I woke up like I had been hit by a bus. Back to back 25 mile mountain runs had taken a lot out of me. But that’s when I am truly thankful for Boston Common Coffee. I *maybe* had 4 cups this morning. Hey don’t judge, I needed it!

The good news was I only had an easy 5-6 mile shake out run planned which after the last two days felt like walking out to check the mail. Sadly, they don’t have 5-6 miles here that aren’t hard and hilly but I tried to use the uphill to go slow and the downhills to work my turnover and really get the blood flowing and it worked. After that I felt way better.

This was good because it was time to do work! I did 90 minutes of every upper body movement I could put myself through. With the big run days I don’t have as much upper body stuff planned for those days, so when strength focused days come, I hit it hard!

Today I did 3 times through the following:

-The rig (we have a practice one of sorts here that was fashioned – by my man Augie – with rings rope and bars).

– push ups (working to keep my face looking at the floor NOT my belly)

– In-outs-up- (core)

– 4 way shoulder raises

– Good mornings (lower back)

– Pull ups

– Russian twists (core)

– burpees to jumping pull ups
Then I chowed my PureFit vegan protein bar! You want to get that protein in within 20 minutes of the workout and Purefit bars are just so great for how well they travel, either to Vermont or to a gym.

Physically I couldn’t run more; but mentally I really loved switching it up and doing strength stuff. Love that about OCR don’t you!?!?

Trust me: you want the compression sleeves with the light shin pad for the rope climb!


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