Day 6: ABW and OCR & Ultra Marathon Training For Spartan World Championships

“Fighting ’til I’m dead, eating ’til I’m fed. Never gonna stop to I catch my breath…And then I’ll do it all again.” – Rob Bailey
Today is day 20 of hard training for Spartan Worlds and day 6 of the final week! Again I am in Vermont with the best training equipment you can have: giant steep mountains!

Today’s workout was one that you need to bring the ruckus for: ABW! What’s ABW you ask? Anything but walk! You pick a hard mountain, like the ski resort near by and you go up it, but you can’t walk! You run to the top….But not walk! You can cry, scream, curse, beg, die…But not walk! You can swing your arms and go all out, you can spike your heart rate and pin it at max…but not walk. You can bury yourself, experience burning pain, like your legs are on fire…but not walk. This effort takes about 30-40 minutes for these mountains and the natural pitches of the mountain add harder intervals and something like recovery, though never real relief. Add 5 miles to the mountain and 5 back and you have a nice 2-3 hour effort. Perfect for super or beast training.

A trick is to try to not hit all out until you near the top because once your heart rate goes that high it’s not coming down. Lucky for me the steepest part of this mountain is near the top.

I love this workout for some high intensity running but also because mentally I know now that I CAN run all the way to the top. It’s interesting doing this with the calf sleeves from Warrior Pak because I feel the support in my lower calf which use to feel much worse from going up for so long.

(Photo:  I grabbed a caffeinated Boom Gel and tossed it in my Warrior Pak spy belt for a snack at the top as an anti-dementor medication because this kind of workout can really leave you feeling exhausted with a long way home!)


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