Ask An OCR Pro 1.0 (Questions about Nutrition, Gear, Spartan World Champions and Ultra Beast)


In what I hope will be a recurring blog series I am eager to take questions. OWP athlete Michael Johnson (see sick photo of him above in awesome OWP Gear) asks:

“So gear wise for a race as long as ultra beast do you change between laps? I plan to bring at least a 2nd shirt socks and shoes. Food wise do you keep a meal in your bucket and refuel or do you just carry race fuel?”

My response:

“Great questions, 1) I do bring a change of clothing for basically everything but only change if there is an issue like blisters or chaffing or weather (too hot or too cold). Beyond that I simply skip it but it’s nice to know its there. But with how quickly we get wet again it doesn’t really help for very long to change so I only do it if I have too. Also I hate stopping as I get colder and starting again is hard mentally and I feel this is a good way to avoid dnf as the gravity of the feed zone is greater than any other place on earth! I will be wearing my OWP compression top, arms warmers, calf sleeves and most importantly GLOVES! When it gets cold you fail everything if your hands are cold!

2) yes I keep food at the feed zone and a mix of my favorite things because I don’t know what I will crave half way through. I also keep a Warrior Pak spy belt there loaded with CARBOOM gels which are my favorite along with the glow sticks we have to have for lap 2. I only carry on lap 1 what I need for lap 1 because I want to stay as light and fast as possible. Then I grab the spy belt for lap 2 and since it’s already loaded up I only have to grab it and start moving again. I even buckle it will moving. Also I would keep some extra fluids there too. You may want some pre-mixed sports drink in a bottle that you can hammer down. This is much easier than drinking out of cups on the go.”

Got questions? Email me: and I will answer it and maybe post it!

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