The Science of Sports Medicine For OCR Racing

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It’s easy to see sports medicine as a “band aid”, the thing you go to when you’re broken. However, for those of us who compete at the highest levels in our sports, we look for every chance to find just a fraction of improvement. The biggest gains were already made, yet, the margin between a champion and the guy-who-goes-back-day-job is measured in percentages of percentages.

With that in mind I sought out Physio Logic. I love science but sports science is always changing and evolving. I wanted people at the forefront. As well as, a place that did basically everything from strength training and physical therapy to acupuncture, nutrition, psychology and more. I was looking for the head to toe, complete, holistic, and awesome.

After a lengthy evaluation, Doctor Rudy suggested several ways to improve me as an athlete. The first was physical therapy. I had several nagging injuries, but the team of therapists uncovered the root of them, several weaknesses in movement patterns. Not only were these causing me to get over use problems, but by addressing and strengthening them with physical therapy and strength training, I could improve my running and performance while also treating the pain. I could feel my stride become more powerful and my running more fluid.

The next way they helped was with nutritional work. I always though I “ate pretty well” and that that was the end of my nutritional concerns. But after a full battery of blood work I saw the chinks in my armor: the areas where my body was faltering and needed help. The nutritionist went over both real foods and supplements to correct my deficiencies. Maybe if I wasn’t an athlete these subtle deficiencies wouldn’t matter so much. But because of what we do, we demand a lot from our bodies and holes in our nutrition are bound develop and their impact magnified.

Once these were fixed I was SHOCKED at how much energy I had! I felt great. I felt ready to crush it. I recovered much faster from workouts and also from races. After races, I was back training in 60% of the time it normally took me after an Ultra Beast. This was a meaningful improvement.

Lastly, I came down with a sinus infection right before the race. They scheduled a last minute acupuncture session and it cleared it up! I get chronic sinus infections and never treated it before with acupuncture and OMG it was amazing! It saved my race!

So next time you think about sports medicine remember it’s a science and they’re not only to fix you, but improve you.

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