How To Have a Healthy Holiday As an Athlete

(Photo: Snapped this while working out today. When you get up early to train you see things most don’t. Embrace the season!)

With the holidays approaching it’s easy to get totally derailed training and diet-wise. Here are some tips for staying healthy and happy this holiday season:

1) Plan out training and diet and also fun! It’s ok to be realistic about life and to cut loose a little, the first races for most of us are a ways off. So plan for that morning off after New Years Eve, or Christmas morning. But also plan that early wake up for a double session on January 30th when you have no excuses. Be realistic and be thoughtful as it’s easier to strike balance if you think ahead.

2) Enjoy SOME of the holiday foods.
Try A cookie. NOT a plate of cookies! Trust me, it won’t be different the second, third, forth, or fifth-tenth cookie. Moderation is key.

3) Don’t skimp on the heathy stuff! Start off with the healthiest foods and then mix in the fun. But you will eat worse if you skip the healthy stuff and your body will lose out on the important nutritional elements you need.

4) Bank good will: you’re gonna have to make adjustments and this is the time to bank that family, relationship or work capital that you will want to draw on when it comes time to train and race.

5) Enjoy the themes: I love holiday races, or New Year workouts (who wants to do 2017 burpees with me?). Find your own way to celebrate! My fav is to do a series of non-stop workouts from sun up to sun down on the shortest day of the year mixing in hiking running strength work cross training, cycling, cross country
Skiing and anything else I can dream
up. It becomes 8 hours of super base training!

Now go get some egg nog.

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