Original Warrior Pak Gear For Cycling AND OCR.

As a pro triathlete turned pro OCR racer and Spartan World Champion, I have a good sense of what gear works for a lot of different sports and frankly GEAR IS GEAR. Good gear can be used for a lot of different sports and doesn’t need to stay only in the sport it was created for. For example Original Warrior Pak gloves are AWESOME for off road cycling. The extra grip is great when grabbing your bike to hike/run with it as I had to do in my most recent cyclo-cross (off road) race. The finger-less gloves are awesome for road cycling when you want that extra grip going fast down a hill.

OWP sleeves make any short sleeve cycling top a long sleeve one. Moreover the padded version is perfect for long rides on a triathlon or “TT” bike where you are pressing on your elbows because of the type of handlebars. I will be wearing these at an ironman distance race next month.

Moreover the compression socks, are perfect for triathlon and cycling and the compression calf sleeves with the light shin guard designed for OCR is ideal for off road riding where the pedal will at some point take on your shin with malice intentions. Pedals are total haters!

Also, for those more causal cyclists not wearing tight fitting cycling kits, the OWP spy-belt is a great way to ride and bring your phone, wallet, nutrition key etc. Trust me those things will NOT stay in your shorts pockets! This is also great for bike commuters looking for a quick and easy way to get everything they need to work without getting a gross and sweaty back from a backpack.

So get down with some OWP gear and I will see you at the cycling events!

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