New Year’s Resolve vs Resolutions

You don’t need a resolution. You are an athlete. You live for this. The new year. The new season. A new chance to go faster and harder. To be better; to climb higher. You live for the challenge. We all do on planet athlete.

We are all at. We woke up reborn on the new year. We are all upping our own game. Join us, or get left behind. Because there wolves are multiplying and coming for what you want to kill. Get after it, time is ticking and we are all racing just to get to the start line ahead of where we were last year.
It’s a new year. Improve or starve. Your sport is growing. Your competition is evolving. Keep up or get left behind. Welcome to the new year; no one cares what you did last year. Time to find that next gear. Resolve to be better. Right. Now.
Photo: 5 fingers out for the 5 hours I was riding in the OWP gloves. Perfect for cycling on cold wet days when you want warm hands and a great grip.

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