Extreme Product Testing of the Original Warrior Pak Glove

They say the truth is where the rubber meets the road. But what do you do when the keeping that rubber on the road is hard? When for 112 miles in the cold and wind the earth tries to blow your small rubber tires off the cracked roads of the Israeli desert?

For years I used traditional cycling gloves. These work ok when things are easy. But when things get wet they get slippery. When you need to hold on tight because of wind the bars slide and give and you don’t have that strong grip you need to hold on tight. When you need to have good touch the soft padding leaves you without that.

Original Warrior Pak gloves solve all these issues. I tested the Warrior Elite II. The superior surface grips the bars perfectly. For 112 times my hands didn’t slip once. And I didn’t have to “death grip” the bars causing fatigue as the hours went on. Several times we entered small canyon areas where funneled cross winds nearly blew me off my bike but I never once lost my grip.

Moreover we started the ironman with a swim so I was totally wet when we started and the gloves were unfazed. Lastly, I needed to eat, open bars and gels, shift the gears, drink and open bottles etc. with the great touch of the gloves all this went without issue which is nearly impossible in traditional cycling gloves.

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