Original Warrior Pak’s, Original Workout of the Month

With the first races around the corner it’s time to focus on training and with that I thought I was start a new series: Workout of the Month. Each one will focus on the time of the year in for proper periodization. This month it’s a focus on strength. Before you can be fast you need to be strong. For OCR that means functional movement to build stabilizers and also strong core which is critical for both running and all of the hanging and upper body focused obstacles like rings, bars, and ropes.

Warm up: run 5 minutes lightly and able to talk/breath without labor.
3 x 30 seconds pick up to race effort. 30 seconds easy. Focus on fast turn over.
2 minutes light jog.
The 1-3 rounds of:

Pull ups (to failure)
Goblin squats (20 reps).
Farmer carries (45 seconds)
Calf raises (60 seconds)
Side planks.
Push ups (to failure)
Multi directional lunges (20 rep)

Take 10 seconds between movements and 2-3 minutes between rounds. This will keep the effort high and double as a great cardio workout. Go get it!

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