Race Season Nutritional Goals

With the race season coming up its time to talk about losing winter weight if you gained it and getting to race weight. First, what is ideal? For running you want 5-6% body fat. However for OCR you need to not be skinny unlike pure runners. After all we got walls to pull ourselves over, buckets to carry and ropes to climb. So while losing fat is nice, keeping muscle is key.
To do this you need to start with some testing of your body mass index. Scales are often off so get it tested in another way. Then aim to lose 1-2 pounds a week by running a calorie debt of 500-1000 calories a day. This will cause you to drop weight.
But as you do this make sure you keep the protein in your diet. This will help you keep muscle mass while losing fat. Also keep up your strength training so your muscles are still being used and built up.
For each percent body fat you drop you dan expect to run 10-20 seconds faster per mile. You want to do this now before you need to focus on race fueling and recover so get after it!


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