What I Got From My Winter Training Camp

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Recently I restarted my training after recovering from an Ironman, with a camp, www.stronglikebulltraining.com The benefits of a camp are profound. Some are physical; some mental. On the physical side you find the ability to train in a way that is nearly impossible to duplicate outside of a camp. Part of this is logistics. You have set aside time to train, all day. No workouts need be shortened, or skipped. In fact workouts often become longer. For example I was going to run an hour in the hills today. But my legs left great so I grabbed some fuel and did another hour. I had the time. I had a coach there with sports drink and fuel so I could get a feed and keep going. If it was normal life that run would have ended.
But on an emotional level you also find yourself motivated to do more simply by all the other athletes there. They inspire you; encourage you, push you and also demonstrate what is possible. By being around them you simple do more, go harder, and train better. OCR is an individual sport but the team mentality for training can really bring out the best in you.
Another big benefit is support. Having a chef, masseuse, coaches, yoga instructor and support vans (feeds, clothing, medical/first aid etc) all allow you you focus 100% on training. All your effort, all your energy all your focus is 100% on training. This allows you to do way more than you ever thought possible. You simply crush it.
Again there is a huge mental boost to it too. Where before you thought you could only handle 10 hours of training, at a camp you mind discover you can train 20 hours. This resets your self imposed limits and allows you to adjust what is possible. You take that with you when you train going forward because you have the confidence of knowing you are able to train a lot more than you previous thought.
Lastly, it’s just “fun”. But it’s not fun for fun’s sake. My camp is in Spain because I want my athletes distracted. The new sights, sounds and cultural experiences mean that often people have trained for several hours, in perfect weather before their mind ever even noticed. By making it fresh, new and adventure a lot of training happens without even having to dip into ones motivational reserves. Compare that to the same route you run over and over again in the cold. Those miles take all your motivation. The miles here feel like exploring and you don’t want it to stop. So next time you have vacation time consider joining me; not sitting on a beach or going to Disney. We will have all the adventure of a vacation but at 160 heart beats per second!

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