How to Build a Run Training Plan

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A lot of people have a grasp of alternating different strength sessions in the gym but what about running? If you do the same thing each workout you won’t be stressing yourself in different ways nor getting the balance needed with rest.

Here is general overview of a good ocr running plan:
1) do a long run. Ideally to amor over your longest race (unless that’s an ultra). For example if you are gonna do a rugged manic 5k be able to run 4-6 miles Or for Spartan beast 13-16.   Do these runs at a pace where you can talk and “run forever”.
2) Hills, hills hills. So much of OCR is strength and strength work is done on hills. Do this at the effort where you legs start to burn with acid but not over it. Aim for 60 minutes of running with 15-30 minutes of that going uphill.
3) Vo2 max: do a run with 4-8 all out 40 second sprints. This will allow you to spike you efforts for walls, carries or whatever brutal thing they throw at us.
4) Trails. Obviously get outside and run trails. This will work all the lateral and stabilizer muscles you will need. These can be 30-60 min runs or any of the runs above.
5) Easy runs: keep the other runs easy and mix them into your training spacing out the above harder runs.

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