6 Tips For Staying Injury Free While Run Training.

Tips for staying injury free while running:

1) make sure you are in the right shoes. A proper shoe fit by a good shop using video is key. They should be able to match the right kind of shoe, support and style to your foot. They should know the different brands, and how they fit. They should ask you what you need them for (off road, training, racing etc). and really spend time with you. This is a big deal and shouldn’t be rushed.
2) change your shoes every 200-400 miles. Shoes don’t last forever, and the foam gets beat up making them useless.
3) never use your shoes unless you running. You need to let them sit between runs to let the foam decompress.
4) run on soft surfaces. If you have Trails or dirty roads run them! Also treadmills are soft and lessen impact. So mix them in or run on them entirely. I do 90% of my running off road.
5) Make sure you warm up. Either some yoga, light stretching or at least start 1-2 miles per mile slower than your workout pace.
6) Cross train! Ride, cross country ski, hike, go HITS, do gym work. Anything but run for much of the year to keep you fit without risking over use injuries.
Good luck and stay injury free!!!!
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