Mind Games: Motivation

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I was tired, I jumped into the NJ Spartan Race Ultra Beast on too little recovery, too little of a taper. Too much training, work and life stress. The drive was in brutal traffic from New York City to Mountain Creeks in New Jersey. After checking in with registration, dropping my pit stuff off (see photo); I was tired, cranky, hangry (hungry + angry) needing to get my head right in a hurry before the start of the race the next morning.  I Have raced long enough to know that you don’t race with your legs and lungs. You race with your heart soul and mind. Be right above the neck and you will be right below it. In order to get my mind right, I went for a walk. Making a play list of all the songs that motivate me as I walked, to play the next morning on the way to the event. Then I decided to write something. A promise to myself. Its important to hold myself accountable. To be honest with myself. I wanted to clear my mind of all the distractions and I wanted to put tomorrow into context.  Here is what I wrote down…

There is no past. There is no future. These is this moment. This race. This chance. By days end tomorrow it will be over. It will be gone. The past you dragged with you will slow you down. The future you fear will keep you from running full steam ahead into this course. When this day is over, and never comes again, will I look back and say I let yesterday rob me of today? Will I say let tomorrow steal this day from me? Will I chase my dreams, goals, and finish the day knowing I gave everything? Race like there is no tomorrow. Race like there is no yesterday. Race for the day. Go! 

One thought on “Mind Games: Motivation

  1. Walt says:

    Freakin AWESOME!!!…thanks for sharing John. I have a race this upcoming weekend, and I needed to read this. I allowed myself to be distracted and I know better. Thanks for the reminder

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