Terrain Race New England Race Report and Tips for Terrain Races

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Two weeks after the Ultra Beast I was looking to test my legs. Terrain Race was passing through the area and I wanted to check them out. With a prize purse it drew a lot of talent from the area and the money was for the 5k, making for a lung bursting and blazing fast suffer-fest. The race starts in deep water above ground pools. It was 45 degrees driving to race and the water had everyone suffering before the starters gun blew.

Out of the pool and onto the course I was in the top 3 for the first 1/2 mile as we did walls, and a rope-water-ducking-under obstacle. The race was on a motor speed way so we hopped onto the track and looked instinctively out of the corner of my eye to see if any NASCAR cars were coming at me at 200 mph. Sadly what I saw was much worse, a field of hungry charging OCR racers and I was out of gas from the ultra.  We did a series of obstacles some novel, like hitting a tire with a sledgehammer like a hockey puck, others classic like tire flips and walls. They make you do each until you make it so there is no burpees, but no way to go on if you fail and their rig was hard.
I made it the first time but others didn’t and the deck of the top 10 got shuffled. The course was flat but slow as the wet grass made every step slow and hard. The monkey bars over water seemed extra long and hard which I liked and thought was a good touch. The two carries were among the easier ones I have done in OCR as they were light and flat and not all that long. In the end I help on for top 10 and was happy that I was running after spending much of the prior two weeks struggling to walk.
Course tips for Terrain Races: 1) check out the rig in advance. You HAVE to do it to move on, so make sure you got a game plan for it. 2) Get in the water at the last second so you don’t free at the start and stay VERY warm until then so your core temperature is high. 3) roll on the nets you have to cross. 4) Take the monkey bars out at a pace that doesn’t tax you, its along way. 5) Half way across you hit a wooden frame; swing your legs and really reach for the bars on the other side.
Photo: Check out the new OWP Distressed Flag Print arm warmers here the pads in them are amazing!

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