8 Tips For Your All Night Toughest Mudder

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I recently did the new race series Toughest Mudder. The challenging event that take your through the night and is now the standard for awesome in OCR. Its 8 hours starting at midnight and going until 8am. Here is what I learned:

1) Go out way to slow! The race has so much excitement that people go out so hard but that trashes you! Start of slow and be strong all 8 hours!
2) Don’t dally at the pit! With pits each lap ppl lost hours there! It’s warm and comfy. It’s got food friends and fire! What you think is 10 seconds it’s 10 minutes! Get going!
3) Don’t dally at the obstacles! The ice t won’t get warmer if you sit at the top talking yourself into it. Just go! If your gonna fail something fail quickly and take the penalty. Don’t compound the time lose with more time wasted.
4) Bring everything! The temperature changes were profound as the night went on. You want to be able to take stuff on and take stuff off all night. Make sure you have Original Warrior Pak gloves! Warm hands are working hands!
5) Embrace everything. The dark, the cold, the moon, the hills, the other athletes, whatever it is. Its endlessly awesome changing and just keep going because it always gets better or at least sucks differently.
6) Use teamwork. Even if your racing it’s faster for you to work with others and try to run away from them later than it is try to do the obstacles yourself. If your only racing yourself working with a group and being thoughtful of making sure you stay with a group as you approach the obstacles that require team work is wise.
7) Stay ahead of your fueling. As the race goes on eating and fueling gets harder. Eat and drink early and often. With pits every 5 miles you can refuel often, do so.
8) Be careful the whole time! As you get tired and it gets late into the race it’s easy to slip up and can take yourself out of the race with a nasty injury.

Most importantly have fun! Its totally amazing and insane and oddly sublime. Now go do something crazy!


(photo of Warrior Pak athletes John Hirsch and the famous and awesome One Legged Spartan!

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