OCR Gear Guild: Trial By Fire.

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We talk a lot about training, and a lot about racing but we haven’t talked in depth about what gear you need and why you need it for both. So here is a quick run down on some of the items I use from The Original Warrior Pak and what my experiences have been. I have literally put them through mud, dirt, and fire.

Padded Arm Sleeves: Now in both green and black and also distressed Red/White/Blue with an American flag, its critical for army crawls, and when its cool or cold out. It also is great to have for bucket carries because you can really squeeze without the bucket digging into your arms and ANYTHING that helps the bucket carry you want!

Warrior Elite Gloves: This is the best product by Warrior Pak. They work when wet, when your hands won’t, and lets be real, your hands are always wet in OCR! They also keep your hands protected when crawling or climbing which matters. Busted hands aren’t gonna help you finish! They excel at rings, bars, carries, and crawls. Anytime your using your hands you want these. Also they are nearly mandatory if is cold out! Cold hands are useless.

Padded Leg Sleeves: Compression is the jam. You run better in compression. You recovery quicker in it. You want it. But like the arm sleeves, Warrior Pak cleverly added a light but practical pad to the shin. This means you can charge through the woods fearlessly. You can also throw your leg over any wall knowing your shin damage will be less. Again, also great if it cool or cold out.

OCR Knee Pads: Light weight so you don’t notice them while running, but a huge advantage anytime you crawl. Perfect if you want to avoid cuts and scrapes when doing OCR.

Race Belt: Another near mandatory item when going long. You need to bring gels, and calories any time you race over an hour. This is the perfect way to do that. Also amazing for training because with two pockets you can put your phone in one, and gels, keys, etc in the other. I use mine Every.Single.Day. I also load it up for Ultra’s and leave it in the pit so I can grab and go and not waste any time fumbling though my pit area trying to find stuff. I pre-pack (pak) it, grab it while running, and get going.

Hats, tees, hoodies, and string pull bag: You love OCR. Fly the flag with the coolest looking stuff out there.

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