How To Lose Weight Like a Pro

Weight lose if key for OCR. Why, because the “R” in racing really means running! And you can’t run well when you are carrying a lot of extra fat and body weight. How lean do you want to be is a tricky question and one for another time but needless to say, most of us could stand to lose some weight for OCR. Here is how I do it:

Count every calorie. It’s a math problem. Math is ruthless and cold. If you run a cal debt of 500 a day you lose a pound a week. If you do 1000 you lose 2. So figure out your base cal needs (likely 1200-2200) and then count every cal burned working out and every cal consumed. There are countless apps for this.

You need to fuel workouts so make sure you have 100-300 cal before any workout and that is when it can be carbs. The rest of the time you want a mix of low sugar, low glycemic foods that are filling low cal and nutritionally dense. This would be leafy greens, veggies, yams and lean proteins. High glycemic foods spoke your blood sugar and cause blood sugar crashes which lead to cravings.

Hydrate well as thirst will often feel like hunger. Be mindful of sneaky calories like creamer in coffee, or butter in food, or dressings on salads.  Also track your weight daily at the same time under the same conditions. What gets measured gets accounted for. There will be ups and downs in your daily weight but look for the trends over the weeks. The best tip is to sleep! Sleep will give you natural energy, and you won’t try to find energy in sugary foods. Good health starts with sleep, this is true for mental and physical well being. Losing weight is taxing on the body so don’t do that on poor rest and recovery! As try to do this before peak training when you can’t afford to cut calories! You will need all the energy you can muster at those times!


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