Dealing With An Injury

If you do sports long enough you will have to face an injury. While athletes are use to pain and we can withstand a great deal of physical discomfort, dealing with an injury is as much about handling the mental side of it as the physical side. this article will help you deal with injuries related to running, OCR and how to get the most out of sports medicine.

The first tip: is to be proactive. Don’t pretend you are not hurt. Don’t see how it goes. If you are hurt, you generally know. That “bad” pain is different than “normal” pain. If you wait you are making it worse. Also the process of recovery is much longer than you think when you factor in the time it takes for you jump through the hoops of most health insurance protocols.
The second tip: is the focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. Can you cross train? Can you do cardio machines? Can you focus on upper body work? Lower body? Core? Maybe you can’t train, then can you focus on your diet? On sleep? On banking over time or family time, so you can have more time to train when healed? Moving forward when things go sideways is the key to staying positive mentally. Plus you can likely make big gains on areas of yourself as an athlete that you might normally not be able to focus on.
The third tip: is seek out sports medicine experts, all doctors are not the same. Working with medical professionals who deal with athletes will understand your needs as an athlete. Sometimes you can make choices that allow you to race now, and rest later. Or aggressive treatments that others might skip because they don’t know your race schedule or that race schedules matter. In the NYC area I go to Physio Logic; because I know they “get it” I am not afraid to go to them because I know they will do whatever is possible to get me back in the game or do what’s needed in the off season to make me stronger and better.

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