During a hundred mile run week, I got a bit, you know, deep. Deep within myself, deep in thought, and after all it took a long time to do, so that gave me a lot of time to reflect, think and I decided to record some of those idea. I recorded it into my phone during a run late in the week when my mind was open and I was just letting my mind wonder. What do you think about when you run? I feel like I have my best and clearest thoughts when running. Hopefully you do as well. Nothing makes the world seem more clear than having my heart rate up and nothing but trail under me. Here is what I wrote:

It’s so weird how it becomes your whole life. How every second is spent training or preparing for training or recovering from training or traveling to races or from races or recovering from races or signing up for races or talking about races or going to PT or getting gear, or researching gear or being a tornado of productivity keeping the other things in your life functional like day jobs so that you can find more time for training, for racing, for doing social media about training and racing.

But then it hits you, you see people with other pursuits. Or no pursuits at all; having a leisurely coffee. Strolling a museum as if in an ad. And you think to yourself that could be you.  But then you remember your passion and you envy no-one because being passionate and purposeful makes you feel so alive and you wouldn’t trade it for anyone or anything in the world. You got to where you are, because of who you are. Your external accomplishments reflect your internal drive. You do you. THIS IS WHAT WE DO / THIS IS WHO WE ARE.
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