Savage Race, Race Tips

Savage race is a great event and they do a great job with the course and obstacles. At about 10 kilometers it’s not super easy run wise and you will need to be fit to finish. But complicating the equation, the obstacles are harder than most, and worse, if your racing you must finish each one. No burpees like Spartan Race, and no extra running like Toughest Mudder. You do it, or you drop out. Obviously those not racing can try their best and keep going if they fail. But for the pros it’s do or die.
There are a few obstacles that will give you fits. One is the climbing wall. Make sure to keep 3 of 4 points of contact at all times. That’s your hands and feet. More than that and you will fall off.
The monkey bars is brutal and the hardest in all of OCR. The key is wear our gloves! The bars are super slippery because of nice coat of paint. But worse, in the middle there is a down, then up bar that does most people in! For that you either need to swing or reach with your hand reversed and facing you like your signaling for a touch down. Then switch your grip before going down to the end.
The Tree Hugger isn’t so bad but here is a good tip: make sure you pay attention to which route you take as some have the notch on the wood facing you, others have it twisted around. Eye it as you approach.
A scary obstacle is Wheel Works but it’s not that hard. The key is bravery, and just going for it quickly when you transition from wheel to wheel. Don’t hesitate and you will be fine. Grab with two hands then it will spin you and you reach grab, grab again with the other hand, spin, reach and so on and so forth. It’s all about timing.
The one that crushed everyone is Twirlie Bird. This one knocked out a ton of people. A tip is to either swing from handle to handle like rings keeping your momentum, or going high and tight and reaching above the top of the plastic handle.
The rig they have is great. Fun and diverse. The key is to j-hook the ropes at the end (see our video of this)!
Have a great Savage Race and we will see you out there!

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