Spartan Ultra Beast World Championships, 2017

‘I really hate being safe
The normals, they make me afraid
The crazies, they make me feel sane’ – Melanie Martinez

The very idea of the ultra beast is insane. The hardest race the Spartan freaks have, times two and then they add some for good measure. All added up it was 75+ obstacles, 33+ miles and four mountain tops. Add cold, wind, altitude (held at 6000-9500 feet) and you had the making of something that the  majority of people who attempt it fail and most won’t even won’t sign up for. At the start in the dark, I lined up having now won this event twice as a masters athlete and always finished in the top 10 over all. It was a weird mix of confidence and fear as we counted down to  aroo aroo aroo. (And maybe a bit wired too from all the Boston Commons Coffee )
The start saw the normal separation of those who came to race those who came to survive. After the first turn the road headed skyward and only about 15 athletes we still running. As daybreak came and we had run up for about an hour straight the gaps had formed. Akins was on another level and a few people tried to keep pace but would fail as he stormed to the over all win. I settled into 5th place for most of the race and just ticked off the miles and obstacles. I found myself laughing at the pure madness of a few moments. Like having to stomp through the ice coating of water to get to the dunk wall proving just how cold it was. Or the double twister-money-bars thing that was so impossible I think it had a 99% fail rate. Also the length and steepness of the last climb that seemed to go on forever and ever and always more after each turn where you were sure you were done.
My Warrior Pak gloves kept me warm and helped with my grip as did most of the obstacles without issue until about 6 hour six when we did the third of the four bucket carries. This was just a cracking point for me and a few guys got by me as my lower back gave out . I doubled down on my Burst Energy Gels and came around and hit the fourth spear throw and ran the rest steady conceding nothing more and taking another top 10 and the top masters spot for my third world championship title at the ultra beast. A Pure Fit Bar as a reward and recovery product and I was already eyeing the next race…once I can walk.
Congrats to everyone that had the guts to start and those fit enough to finish. There are few events as insane as this! Big thanks you Physio Logic for getting me to the start line with an injury, sometimes getting to the start is harder than the finish! Also my coach Jim Ortel and the Block Island Sport Shop where they sell Brooks Running shoes and my weapon of choice the Pure Grit. Anyone looking for a coach, a cause (kids with cancer) please join Team Continuum and you get my help free!  Also my fly shades are Rudy Project.

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