10 Tips For The Holidays

Here are ten ways to balance the holidays as an athlete.

“We Wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.” Bad Religion (a punk band with a Christmas album, go figure, but its super good.)

  1. Relax. Let yourself go a bit mentally and understand that rest is part of fitness.
  2. Bank relationship and family time. You ask so much, its easier to do this if you are present with the people you care about.
  3. Workout early. get up, get the workout in, even if you cut it short, and be done with it. This will leave you more present for the rest of the day and make you happy that you got some training in.
  4. Eat drink and be merry, but try to sample the holiday cheer, not pound it.
  5. Bring everyone in on it. My family has a famous (to us) tradition of doing a family workout.  Its not the perfect workout but its the funniest. Share that with people when you can.
  6. Bring the holidays to your training community. Even if its just running with a Santa hat or a maybe its 20 push up and 18 pull ups for 2018 and the new year.
  7. Dream about 2018. This is a great time to surf the web for races and deals on 2018 events and eye them.
  8. Hire a coach. This is the time to get that going so you hit 2018 ready with a plan. This will help you rock 2018 without burning you out training in 2017.
  9. Recharge mentally. Maybe that is getting away from sports for a bit, maybe its watching races on TV or reading all about it. Whatever gets you mentally ready, do that as you sit fire side with eggnog.
  10. Get your gear set for 2018. Order gloves, arm warmers, socks, and everything else you need now so its there for you in 2018. OWP has some awesome deal going on and the starter kit is a must have.

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