ITal Stew

Winter, and the off season is a great time to work on nutrition. A time to try new foods, and to focus on healthy eating. Here is my favorite thing to make in the winter. iTal Stew. From the word “vital” its meant to be super good for ya. Loaded with veggies and greens, its rich in vitamins and minerals and is dairy free and vegan so its free of mucus causing stuff, and thus is super healthy and yummy. You can make a vat of it and eat it more than once; in fact, it gets better with time as it thickens over the week.

STEP 1: In a pot cook rice with red beans mixed in, with the bean slug from the can.  This is the base of the meal. It makes a complete protein and you can serve the stew over it. Add more rice and beans if your training more, have less if your not.

STEP 2: Since this meal is from the Rasta culture, I strongly suggest playing Franti And Spearhead’s record Songs From the Front Porch. If your basic play Bob Marley at the very least.

STEP 3: For the stew itself take a yucca, chop it up with 5 or some small purple potatoes or 1-2 yams, If you can’t get yucca, you live some place without diversity and you may want to reflect on that. But you can also use a white potato or two. Take the root veggies and microwave them until cooked and soft.

Then take some carrots, string beans, and maybe a pepper or some other veggie you might like and chop them up.  

Take some onion and cook them on medium heat until they turn clear. Add 2 cans of coconut milk or low fat coconut milk, both work, one has less good fats, the other less calories and 2 cups of water.  Toss in a few bay leaves if you roll like that. cook over a lower heat and add them veggies. Once they seem cooked add a meaningful amount of kale and chopped collar greens. Let that cook for 10 minutes.

Then take a ton of pepper and add it to taste. Same with salt. All Spice also and garlic powder too, but use that more sparingly. Season with some thyme and cilantro if you want. If you have brave people add some hot sauce and even red pepper flakes, if you don’t just put it on the table and mock them for eating boring food. Maria Sharps Hot Sauce from Belize is basically the best for this, but Franks doesn’t suck either.

If you have the time cook it, and be done and let it sit for an hour or so before serving so it can really thicken. Best eaten with friends over good times while spinning more soulful music.

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